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Make Your Reception Area More Inviting

Chair, couch, and display case resimercial furniture

Those who design their companies’ office spaces have to walk a fine line between making them comfortable enough for people to enjoy spending eight hours a day there but not so casual and relaxing that nobody gets any work done. There’s one particular part of the office, however, where comfort takes precedence over productivity: the reception area.

No matter who you’re inviting into your office, whether it’s a client, a job candidate, or an executive from out of town, it’s important to make a strong first impression. The few minutes they spend waiting in your reception room will inform how they perceive your entire business for the rest of their visit. If you want them to see you as a hip, modern company that cares about its guests’ and employees’ comfort, consider designing your reception area with resimercial furniture.

What Is Resimercial Furniture?

“Resimercial,” as you might have guessed, is a portmanteau combining the words “residential” and “commercial.” The goal of a resimercial design is to make an office building feel more like home, emphasizing comfort, bold colors, and interesting aesthetics without sacrificing the functionality essential to a productive work environment.

Resimercial furniture is popular with cutting-edge companies that emphasize culture and creativity, such as advertising agencies and tech startups. Some examples of traditional furniture items with a resimercial twist are reclining office chairs and two-person desks.

Resimercial Reception Seating

Black Tufted Modular 5-Seat Zig Zag Sofa

Choosing the right resimercial seating for your reception area will make your visitors feel like they’re in a tasteful living room without sacrificing the air of professionalism. Ordering black, white, and chrome guest chairs with a minimalist aesthetic is a great way to show off your company’s modern sensibilities.

If you’ll need to accommodate a lot of guests waiting in your reception room at the same time, look into modular sofas and backless benches as well. Modular seating can be arranged in a variety of ways, providing flexibility in your office design and making it easy to change your layout if your reception area needs a fresh look every once in a while.

Other Reception Furniture

Quantum Full Size Floor Locking Display Case

Seating may be the most important element in a reception area, but a room with bare walls and nothing but chairs isn’t very inviting either. It’ll take a few other pieces to truly make the place pop. For example, you should get tables to put between groups of seats to liven the room up with plants and interesting reading material. Order a display case or two for your reception area as well. In addition to enhancing your office’s “lived in” feeling, display cases provide a great opportunity to show off some of your company’s proudest achievements.

Order Resimercial Furniture for Your Reception Area

The most successful business relationships start in places that people are excited to return to again and again. By furnishing your reception room with comfortable, stylistically memorable furniture, you can guarantee your associates will look forward to the next time they walk through your door. Check out Modern Office’s selection of resimercial furniture products and contact us when you’re ready to place an order.

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