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NeoCon 2013 Summary

NeoCon 2013 - Brett and Sarah examining new products.

NeoCon 2013 – Brett and Sarah examining new products.

50,000 attendees from throughout the world converged on the Merchandise Mart in Chicago for three days in early June to see the latest product introductions and trends in office furniture and commercial interior design.—

Modern Office’s staff recently reviewed what we saw. We summarize some general trends below.

What did we see?

-Collaborative furniture, but with privacy. Collaborative furniture allows employees to gather and work together to exchange ideas. Privacy pods, short panels, and high backed reception seating addressed the need for privacy. Benching furniture is now the new standard.

-Bright playful hues on office chairs set against neutral or white backgrounds were again popular this year.

-Technology was increasingly embedded into furniture. Data/power modules in conference tables, training tables, and office desks, and even charging outlets in reception seating suggest we will see more developments in this area in the future as employees work anywhere and everywhere.

-Geometric shapes, particularly hexagons, in carpet tiles, flooring, and modular furniture.

-Sustainability and green products showed continued emphasis. Related to this was the frequent use of shades of green color, including citrus green.

-Felt was used in some creative ways on flooring and even on office panels and office chairs.

We’ll expand on some of the above observations on the trends in office furniture in future posts.

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