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Office Furniture to Increase Your Team’s Productivity

adjustable height desks improve employee productivityWhat is the style like in your office? Do you have a no-nonsense look that means business to everyone who sees it? Too many offices have the same floor plan: Executives get private offices. When they want to make their wishes known, they hold a meeting in the conference room. When the workers aren’t in a meeting, they take their places in rows of cubicles.

Managers intend this arrangement to promote productivity, but many people find it stifling. When your employees feel inspired by their surroundings, they are happier and work better.

The Style of Success

Do you want to maximize creativity and productivity in your office space? These five tips can help:

1. Go Beyond Chairs and Desks

Tech companies like Apple and Google have the resources to research employee productivity. Fortunately, all of us can benefit from their findings. If you visit any Apple or Google campus, you’ll find a variety of furniture, from traditional desks and chairs to standing desks and couches, and even the occasional bean bag chair. Different furniture isn’t just there for the sake of switching things up, of course—it also improves job satisfaction and productivity.

2. Palettes to Promote Productivity

Many builders paint office spaces with drab, boring colors. It’s easy to splash some white shade on the wall and call it done. However, choosing vibrant colors can make your employees feel happier and more relaxed.

3. Think Minimal

It’s hard to work in a cluttered space. If you want to maximize productivity, consider a streamlined design. A minimalist design feels clean and won’t distract your employees.

4. Usability is Key

When your employees are happy and comfortable, your customers will notice the difference. Whether your team members are using computers or paper and pencil, they need desks, chairs, and other furniture that works for their size and shape. Choosing your furniture with an eye toward usability makes your employees more comfortable today and reduces their long-term health risks. Standing desks can be a great option in many workspaces.

5. What About Break Time?

No office is complete without a break room. The place your employees spend their personal time should have a distinct design and comfortable furniture of its own.

The right office furniture and decor does more than keep your employees happy—it can help them work harder, faster, and better, too. Modern Office has the chairs, desks, and other furniture you need along with the experience to help you build the perfect workplace. If you are trying to make your office a better environment, contact us today at 1-800-443-5117 so we can help you design what you want.

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