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Reasons to Order Acrylic Window Extenders

One of the best ways to protect your office from the spread of COVID019 is to add physical barriers between your employees. Since the virus is thought to be spread mainly by aerosolized viral particles emitted while coughing, sneezing, or talking, adding a physical barrier like a sneeze guard between team members adds a strong layer of protection. Investing in clamp-on acrylic window extender sneeze guards is an excellent way for employees working in cubicles to feel safer in the office while the pandemic continues.

Maximize Space Safely

Acrylic window extenders clamp to cubicle partitions. Once clamped to a partition, a window extension sneeze guard will serve as a barrier. If there isn’t enough space in your office to put each employee’s workstation six feet apart, clamp-on sneeze guards will allow you to put cubicles next to each other and back-to-back with less risk. Your team members can be in close proximity to each other without having to worry as much about viral particles in the air.

Furniture Adaptability

Rather than buying all new furniture for your office, acrylic window extenders are a smart choice because they increase the flexibility of the furniture you already have. It could make more sense for you to buy clamp-on window extender sneeze guards for your cubicle partitions than to buy entirely new cubicles. This is a money-saving option that should help you manage your budget during a turbulent time.

Clamp-on cubicle sneeze guards also make it simple to reconfigure COVID-safe furniture layouts. It’s much easier to move sneeze guards from one side of the cubicle to another than it is to rotate the cubicle itself.

Encourage Simple and Thorough Cleaning

Another plus of using window extender sneeze guards is that they can be easily removed and cleaned whenever necessary. You can clean them while attached to the partition as frequently as you’d like, but there will likely be times when you want to remove them and do a deep cleaning. If your sneeze guards were permanently attached to your cubicles, this wouldn’t be possible, but since they are attached via window extender, this is no problem—you can easily detach and reattach them as need be. As long as COVID-19 is a threat to workplaces, using cubicle extensions and plexiglass panels is a necessary precaution. Now that you know the benefits of using window extenders and sneeze guards, check out the sneeze guards that Modern Office offers at affordable prices in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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