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Reclining Office Chair and Tilting Chair –What is the Difference?

Reclining office chairs are popular, but many customers are confused by the terminology of “recline” versus “tilt”.

A tilting office chair is common and is considered to be a standard. The tilt refers to the action of the swivel/tilt mechanism on the bottom side of the seat. When you lean back in the chair the rear of the seat will drop slightly, resulting in a tilt motion. The swivel/tilt mechanism will also have a tilt tension knob so that you can adjust the tension of the tilt. There may also be a lock lever so that you can lock the tilt angle in a certain position. The tilt motion provides some comfort and acts as a shock absorber so that you aren’t sitting on a stiff flat chair seat.

On the other hand, the movement in a reclining office chair is in the backrest. The arc of movement is much greater than the relatively small degree of tilt in a tilting chair. The backrest of a reclining office chair will recline at least 45 degrees. This is enough to allow most users to fully relax or nap. Some reclining office chairs will even recline nearly flat, allowing anyone to fall asleep while in the chair. Reclining office chairs can be used as a desk chair when in the upright position, so they are an office chair and recliner in one.

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