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Small Details Are Often Important.

I was reminded recently of how small details can affect customer satisfaction with an online transaction.

A new customer just placed an online order with Modern Office and was very concerned about what would happen should she need to return her order, particularly because she paid via PayPal. She called us to ask about our refund procedure because she had placed a large order with one of our competitors, was notified that the item was no longer available, but was still waiting for her PayPal refund after two weeks. It turned out that the online retailer immediately transferred her PayPal payment out of their PayPal account when the order was placed, and when the time came to refund the customer’s payment they did not have enough funds in the account. She had to wait for them to process the refund, transfer the funds into their PayPal account, wait for the funds to be verified as available, and then send the money to her. She was still waiting after two weeks.

When a customer places an online order with Modern Office and pays via PayPal we leave the funds in our PayPal account until after the order has shipped. This means that we can immediately refund their PayPal payment with a simple click should an item no longer be available or the customer cancels their order prior to shipment.

This is one of the small but important ways that Modern Office can make your online office furniture order a pleasant transaction.

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