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Sneeze Guard Hardware and Accessories

Set of 2 Universal Clear Polycarbonate Sneeze Guard Clamps

Sneeze guards play an important role in mitigating the spread of germs, keeping people safe in office environments and retail spaces. The importance of proper hygiene and sanitary practices has deservedly gained attention as we navigate a world with the ever-present danger of COVID-19. Even when everyone commits to handwashing and mask-wearing, the presence of germs in areas frequented by groups of different individuals is inevitable. Involuntary acts like coughing and sneezing can still spread illnesses.

Sneeze guards and protective barriers are great tools for battling the spread of airborne viruses like COVID-19. Schools, offices, small businesses, and areas open to the public are implementing high-quality sneeze guards across the country.

Many customers already have sneeze guard panels, but they don’t have a way to properly attach them to desks, tables, or office panels.  Maybe they are a school, and students continually push the sneeze guards onto the floor.  We have surface-mountable clamps to solve that problem.  Restaurants may have customers that knock over sneeze guards or outdoor dining areas where breezes tip them over.  We offer weighted clamps as a solution.  Offices may have office partitions that are too short to obstruct the spread of germs.  We have special clamps that install on the tops of partitions to hold see-through sneeze guards that add height but retain visibility in the office.  For a sneeze guard to do its job properly, it must be securely installed. If the plexiglass is wobbling or slides around easily it’s time to tighten things up. This can be accomplished with an array of sneeze guard hardware and accessories.

Sneeze Guard Components

The components of a sneeze guard include paneling, clamps, brackets, braces, and bases. Each component can be replaced or upgraded to ensure that the sneeze guard is working properly. Sneeze guard parts are versatile and usually include options that work on acrylic, plexiglass, or polycarbonate panels. Clamps can help reestablish the original, secure connection between the sneeze guard and the surface it’s connected to, increasing its efficacy.

Sneeze guard brackets and braces help establish a firm foundation for acrylic, polycarbonate, or plexiglass paneling, and they can easily be mounted to flat surfaces like desks and tables. Adjustable brackets will assist with the raising or lowering of sneeze guards to account for different office layouts and individuals of varying heights. Sneeze guard clamps, powered with 3M double-sided adhesive technology, can easily be installed on countertops, desks, and privacy partitions that are already installed in your office space.

The Importance of Sneeze Guards

Now more than ever, mitigating the spread of airborne disease is a necessity. COVID-19 has taught us just how important it is to have measures in place that help stop further infections and keep the public safe. Schools, businesses, and offices that already have sneeze guards in place do not need to replace their entire inventory, thanks to additional sneeze guard hardware that ensures every panel is working properly and providing maximum protection. Taking steps to keep customers, students, and employees safe is as easy as replacing just a few sneeze guard parts at a time. These little changes can make a big difference. As always, the Modern Office team is ready to assist you with any questions you may have, and we look forward to collaborating with you on finding the right solutions for your sneeze guard issues. You can contact us directly at 1-800-443-5117 or by filling out our online form.

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