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Sneeze Guards for Schools and Colleges

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all educational institutions to rush to comply with ongoing CDC safety guidelines to keep their students and faculty safe. From one-way hallways to socially distanced desks, a number of measures have been taken to slow the spread of the virus. Modern Office has also invested time and resources into making sure we are part of the solution. With our industrial-strength plexiglass sneeze guards, you can add even more safety measures to your school environment.

Sneeze Guards for Desks

Our many different styles of sneeze guards are built for premium protection and portability. Student desk sneeze guards break down easily, folding down into a unit that is easy to both carry and store. They are incredible for protecting your students, helping to restrict not only sneezes from traveling but air particles from coughs, sighs, and laughter as well. These sneeze guards for desks can easily be cleaned and disinfected by students at the end of each period of use, making them safe for the next students to come into the classroom.

Barriers for the Lunchroom

If your school or university offers a lunch program, or any other countertop services, countertop shields or hanging protective barriers are great options. Both are clear, easy to hear through, and protective against the spread of the novel coronavirus. The hanging protective barriers allow interactions to take place under them, meaning the exchange of money, food, etc. can be done without direct “face-to-face” interaction. We also offer clear, side-mounting barriers that are perfect for checkstand-like areas, designed to help keep both cashiers and students safe from infection.

Sneeze Guards for Libraries

Between larger shared tables and private conference-style rooms, libraries can also greatly benefit from portable sneeze guards. Students can still comfortably make use of the quiet space the library provides without sacrificing safety. Our adjustable conference table barriers are perfect for students working on a group project who still need time together to work out final details. Again, these barriers are easy to disinfect, creating a safer environment for the groups that follow. By taking precautions and offering these sneeze guards, your school or university will be doing all it can to help keep the virus at bay, no matter where your students are on campus. This has been an extremely trying year. Between trying to adhere to the constant changes in safety protocols and teaching from home, educational institutions are forever changed. With that in mind, Modern Office will continue to produce high-quality products to help keep you and your students safe. As always, remember that no matter where you live in the contiguous 48 states, shipping is free. So whether you need portable sneeze guards or more permanent solutions to stop the spread of illnesses such as Covid-19, feel free to browse our line of sneeze guards for sale to find the right solution to fit your needs. If you have any questions, please reach out via email or phone so we can help you place your order!

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