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The Christmas Gift of Office Furniture?!? Yes – it’s a thing!

When it comes to online Christmas shopping, the last online store you’d probably think to visit is a office furniture website. However, each year we talk to more and more shoppers looking for that perfect holiday gift for family members and friends.

You’re probably thinking, “LOL! Because my teenage son really wants a conference table under the tree this year! Nice try, Modern Office!”

But not so fast. Sometimes the path less traveled yields the best results.

Many gift recipients expect to be standing in the returned goods line on December 26, with another gift that they didn’t want/need/ask for. Coming up with gift ideas year after year can be challenging, especially for spouses and adult children. Think about it: most people have a job (many working from their home) or at the very least, have a home office. We all need a chair to sit in and ideally, something better than the kitchen table to work at. Why not a new office chair or workstation? Most people are pleasantly surprised at their brand new office chair waiting for them on Christmas morning!

If you’re still not sure, let us help. Listed below are our top 5 items most commonly ordered as Christmas Gifts:

1.) Reclining Office Chairs

Our Y9769 was last year’s top seller! Since then, we’ve added THREE MORE styles of reclining office chairs including leather reclining office chairs (in both black and brown leather) and a snazzy new mesh reclining office chair! ALL STYLES AND COLORS are in stock and ship the SAME DAY (place your order by 4PM, CT MON- FRI). Shipping is free! Orders arrive in 1-4 working days with FedEx Ground. See our full selection at the link below:


2.) Colorful Office Chairs

We heard from several people last year looking for an office chair for their high school/college aged kid and our Y10113 Leather & Mesh Color Burst Office Chair series was a hit! The petite frame of this chair works well in small offices, dens and dorm rooms. The leather seat cleans easy in case of spills. Plus, the eye-catching mesh colors are well received with the younger crowd that is sick and tired of a plain ol’ black office chair (although black is available). Available in Blue, Purple, Lime Green, Orange (last year’s hit color), Gray and Black mesh backrests. ALL COLORS are in stock and ship the SAME DAY (place your order by 4PM, CT, Monday-Friday). Shipping is free! Orders arrive in 1-4 working days with FedEx Ground.

Our Y10113 chair isn’t the only chair available in fun colors:


3) Roll Top Desks

You would be surprised at the number of roll top desks we shipped out last year in the final weeks before Christmas. Roll top desks are timeless and many of us had one in the house we grew up in. There’s still so much function and usefulness with roll top desks. Their all-in-one design make them great for homes or apartments that don’t have an actual room for an office. They also keep bills and documents (and messy desktops) locked and out of sight. Our Y10494 desk is not only a roll top, but it is also built to house laptops and PC’s! Y10494 Cherry Computer Roll Top Desk and its counterpart, Y10795 Oak Computer Roll Top Desks are in stock and ship out within one working day. Many cities are just a few days for transit and expedited shipping is available for a surprisingly low cost. Link to Oak rolltop is below:


4.) The gift of comfort

For someone who spends long hours behind their desk, a comfortable ergonomic chair will make them weep with joy (okay, maybe not tears, but guaranteed smiles!). Our Y9489 Ergoflex Mesh Ergonomic Chair has made many, many people say “Ahhhhhh!”. The best feature about this chair is the articulating lumbar pillow, which you can move up/down, fore/aft and lock into your desired position. The elastic mesh seat is easy on the backs of the legs and the headrest is hinged at two points so extra tall people can actually have a headrest that supports their head and not their neck! In stock in Neutral Latte (shown) and Black. Orders ship the SAME DAY (place your order by 4PM, CT, Monday-Friday). Shipping is free! Orders arrive in 1-4 working days with FedEx Ground.

Give your child/parent/spouse the world this Christmas (yes, you have our permission to steal that line.) with our wide selection of globes! Globes range in size from 6″ to 32″. We carry desktop globes, or globes with their own floor stand. We carry educational globes, globes that light up, decorative globes, globes of THE MOON -you name it! Last years winner was our Y9244, 12″ Northwoods Desk Globe, followed by:

Y9251 – Frank Lloyd Wright 16″ Barrel Floor Globe:

Y3216 – 12″ Lancaster Globe:

Most globes ship out within 48 hours and arrive in 5-7 working days. Ground shipping is FREE! Full selection of globes below:

Sales staff is ready and waiting for your holiday shopping questions. Call us at 1-800-443-5117! Happy Holidays!

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