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The Gift of Office Furniture

Reclining Office Chair - $299.00

Reclining Office Chair - $299.00

Office furniture does not usually come to mind as a potential gift during the holiday season. Not many kids dream of a shiny new conference table under the Christmas tree. Few of them beg for a genuine reception desk so they can “play office”. We wish they did, but that’s probably not going to happen any time soon.

However, some office furniture can make a perfect gift for the boss or for someone with a home office.

Reclining office chairs are popular for those who want to combine an office chair with the ability to recline and nap. They start at just $299.00 and are in stock.

Another excellent gift for the person with a home office (or for those who want or need to be nice to their boss at work) is a roll top desk. We have full-size roll top desks in stock for as low as $1299.00. We have made-in-the-USA deluxe solid oak roll top computer desks in stock for $2799.00.

Of course we have many office chairs, chair mats, office desks, and other office furniture for the practical shopper. Call Modern Office at 1-800-443-5117 and we’ll help you select something for your holiday gift giving.

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