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What We Love About Laminate Reception Desks

Laminate reception desks are made with special finishes that leave them resistant to scratches, wear, and other typical damages associated with heavy use. When you enter an office reception area, one of the first things you notice is the appearance of the receptionists’ desk. Modern Office sells laminate office desks that can fit a variety of different business environments. Here are some of the benefits of using laminate desks in your reception room.

They’re Super Easy to Clean

Because laminate desks are made with a sleek and smooth finish, they are easy to wipe clean whenever is needed. Since office reception desks are often subject to a high level of traffic, with many people interacting near them as they walk in and out of the building, the surface of a reception desk is more prone to messes and germs than others. With a laminate receptionist desk, you can clean more frequently and effectively.

They’re Protected with Scratch-Resistant Surfaces

Since reception desks are a place where many people interact, they are often subject to scratches or marks. In a doctor’s office, for example, dozens of patients every day will visit reception desks to check in and out of their appointments. While talking, people often set their belongings down on the surface of the reception desk before them. If they set down something sharp like keys, the surface of the desk could get scratched. Laminate reception desks, however, are made with a scratch-resistant finish, which leaves them protected against damage.

They’re Sleek and Professional

The benefits of laminate reception desks include their appearance as well as their function. Since a visitor’s first impression of your company will take place in the reception area, you want to choose furniture pieces that give off an air of professionalism and cleanliness. The laminate reception desks at Modern Office have sleek finishes and neutral, attractive colors such as white, black, and deep brown. Whatever your office aesthetic, one of these desks is sure to fit.

They Last a Long Time

An issue that customers sometimes encounter with desks made of pure wood is that the material is subject to warping and damage over time. Some laminate desks have the appearance of real wood, but they’re made with plastic or other longer-lasting materials beneath their surface. Because of this, they have an extended lifespan and they don’t easily damage, so buying a laminate reception desk is a long-term investment. If you want to be sure to impress your clients, applicants, or team members from other branches, check out the laminate reception desks at Modern Office today—they come in a number of different shades and are available at affordable, reasonable prices.

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