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Why Medical Stools Make More Sense Than Chairs

Whether you’re in an operating room or an office, medical stools are a versatile seating solution for those looking to maximize mobility. Medical stools, or lab stools, are wheeled seats that allow doctors and other medical personnel to examine patients while sitting or working at a counter-height lab table. If you’re setting up a medical office or research lab, you may want to consider replacing your traditional chairs with medical stools. Medical stools have a number of productivity-increasing benefits over traditional office chairs in a clinical environment.

Ergonomic Advantages

Standing desks and tables come with a host of health benefits, including: better posture, less back pain, and even potentially a lower risk of heart disease. However, transitioning directly to a standing desk full-time can be tricky and taxing on the body. A stool is a great solution for those starting out with a standing desk, or for those who have already made the switch and just need a little extra support. Many models include foot rests to provide extra support and change up your posture throughout the day. An adjustable-height medical stool can be the perfect remedy to take the pressure off your tired legs after a long session at a standing desk.

Greater Mobility

Lab stools without backrests allow for an increased range of motion during any task, no matter the size or layout of your office space. Stools can also be a great solution outside of a medical office, particularly for increasing collaboration between students in a classroom setting. Medical stools help you stay active without even having to leave your seat! Why use a traditional chair when a medical stool opens up the full 360-degree capabilities of your workspace?

Saving Space

For those looking to streamline and organize a messy workplace, standard-height  medical stools can be a great replacement for traditional chairs. Stools can be adjusted and stored beneath any workspace, which can be particularly helpful in opening up floor space in an otherwise crowded room. Stools can also come in handy as a seating arrangement in tight hallways or high-traffic areas that medical staff need to be able to move through quickly without any obstacles.

Cleaning Is a Breeze

When it comes to sanitation, the benefits of medical stools far outweigh any other seating arrangements. Lab stools have less overall surface area than a traditional chair, which makes cleaning faster and more efficient. Standard office chairs can become magnets for all manner of crumbs, dirt, and other debris, especially in the nooks and crannies between the seat and the backrest. Bacteria and viral contaminants may also make a home in the recesses of a traditional chair and potentially spread throughout your office. For medical offices, research labs, or any environment where sanitation is of the utmost importance, we offer several stools with 24-hour rated antimicrobial vinyl upholstery. If you’re ready to make the switch and upgrade your office’s seating arrangements, be sure to check out Modern Office Furniture’s full range of medical/lab stool options. Whether you’re looking to clear up cluttered walkways, increase collaboration, or simply reduce the time spent on office chores, a medical stool may be the perfect solution for your seating problems.

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