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Custom Executive and Manager Desks: Take the Lead on Your Desk Design

Pinnacle Large Custom U-Shaped Workstation

Reaching the management or executive level is something to be proud of. You worked hard to get that corner office—wouldn’t you also like a desk befitting your new status? Now you can finally have the workstation you’ve always wanted with a custom executive or manager desk.

Different executives and managers have different preferences for how they would like their desk to appear and function. Maybe you want your desk to be physically attached to shelves against the wall, or maybe you want it to be separate. Maybe you are in need of a lot of storage space, and could benefit from adding in extra cabinets and drawers. Whatever you want from your new desk, Modern Office can make it happen.

Choose Your Design
Start by thinking about the size and shape. Modern Office’s custom designs include U-shaped desks, L-shaped desks, and peninsula workstations. They come in a variety of dimensions, so consider your office space and how much surface area you’d like to have, then pick a size from there.

Decide on Drawer Handles
For the handles you use to pull open a desk drawer or cabinet, there are five different shapes to select from. You can choose Neo, a silver square handle; Vista, a rounded hook handle; Equinox, a flat, straight handle; Cascade, which you grab with the tip of your fingers from underneath; and Flair, also a rounded hook.

Pick Your Color
The color of wood that you choose for your executive or manager desk can completely transform the atmosphere in your office. Choose between 26 different colors, ranging from white to black, a reddish sienna to a subdued almond, or a relaxed sea gray. The color options that Modern Office offers are truly expansive, and can therefore suit many different preferences.

You can customize the colors of various parts of your desk, including the desktop surface, the sides and front, the hutch (for desks that have this feature), and the storage units. It’s possible to keep all elements of your desk the same color or mix and match for a unique aesthetic.

Add Power Sources
Some of our custom manager and executive desks give you the option to add a built-in power module that includes USB ports. Having built-in power outlets can be extremely helpful for someone in an office with hard-to-reach power sources, or someone who needs to have multiple electronics plugged in throughout the day.

In a leadership position, you get to do certain things your own way. Create a personalized desk for your corner office that matches your prestige.



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