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New Maple Laminate Desk Series

New Maple Laminate Office Desk Series

New Maple Laminate Office Desk Series

One of the more interesting aspects of selling office furniture is the selection of new items to offer in our online store or showroom. New and exciting designs or colors are sometimes introduced. An innovative new product or upgraded feature is developed. Or we start to carry a new line of furniture.

We are constantly contacted by manufacturers and manufacturer representatives with updates on what is new. We also attend office furniture conventions and exhibitions.

I recently realized how Modern Office is different in an important way. A manufacturer showed us an item that was a big seller for them. They thought we were missing out by not offering it. It was a featured product for most other catalog and online retailers. However, we always thought that item had problems and was not a good value. The manufacturer’s sales manager responded, “But what do you care? It sells! You don’t take the orders or have to deal with the customers!

Well, yes we do assist the customers. All of us in ownership and customer service at Modern Office assist customers via phone, email, chat, and in person. It doesn’t take long for us to identify situations or trends with items or manufacturers that need immediate attention since we are all working on the front lines. We want to help happy and satisfied customers. You can see how larger companies with departmentalized staff would be more inclined to take risks in offering questionable items because they can “let the people down in customer service deal with it”.

Speaking of new items, our Maple Laminate Office Desk Series is now in stock for immediate shipment. The series includes matching desks, hutches, bookcases, reception desks, and conference tables. Please call us at 1-800-443-5117 with any questions you may have.

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