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6 Reasons to Have Flip-Top Tables at the Ready

In today’s business world, employees are increasingly free to work when and how they choose. Collaboration is also more important than ever before. What do your employees need to do their jobs? The answer to this question used to be simple: Everyone got a desk and a cubicle. Now, many of your employees just need a laptop or tablet and a place to work.

This flexibility is great for employees, but it’s a challenge for office designers. At different times of the day, a space could act as a conference room, a training room, a break room, or a collaborative space. The only way this can work is with flexible, versatile furniture.

When it comes to flexibility, it’s hard to beat a flip-top table. Here are six reasons why flip-top tables are so useful: plastic flip-n-store training table

  1. They Can Go Anywhere
    Some flip-top tables are on wheels. Others are small and lightweight enough to carry anywhere in your office. Whether your employees want to work in the conference room or the closet, they can take a flip-top table with them.
  2. They Disappear When You Don’t Need Them
    Most office furniture stays right where it is, whether or not it’s in use. Flip-top tables, because they’re so easy to store, practically disappear when no one’s using them, making your office space more versatile when it isn’t always cluttered with furniture.
  3. They Match Any Style
    It doesn’t matter if the style in your office is traditional, modern, or industrial—there is a flip-top table that works with your decor.
  4. They Come in Every Size
    Do your employees work individually or in groups? With flip-top tables, they can do both. These tables come in sizes that can fit one employee or a dozen.
  5. They Are Durable
    Flip-top tables are built to stand the test of time. They are sturdy, scratch-resistant, and ready for a long life of reliable service.
  6. They Are Compatible with Technology
    Whether you want to work with paper and pencil, a tablet, or a laptop computer, a flip-top table can accommodate you. Many models come with built-in systems to help with cable management.

Your employees will be happier and more productive when you let them work in the ways and places that are best for them. Keeping a set of flip-top tables on hand in the office encourages them to do so.

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