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Social Distancing in the Office With Computer Stands

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Although much of the American labor force has started to work from home to discourage the spread of the coronavirus, not everyone is able to do so. For employees who are still going into the office in the age of COVID-19, it’s important to practice social distancing at work as much as they can.

Traditional cubicle setups and rows of desks could put your employees too close together for comfort, but another piece of common office furniture is proving especially useful right now: computer stands. Here are some reasons why computer carts and stands are helpful for keeping everyone healthy while they’re working on site.

They’re One-Person Workstations

Many companies over the last 20 years or so have been moving toward open-floor desk plans that encourage numerous employees to work together in one crowded space. Now, with social distancing guidelines, it’s better for employees to work at their own designated area instead of huddling up with the team. Most computer stands only have room for one person at a time, so they can function as a makeshift one-person workstation until it’s safe to have desk neighbors again.

They’re Narrow

Desks take up a lot of room. In a moderately sized office, it won’t take long before all the desks you need to accommodate every employee are forced to push up against each other. Computer stands are much smaller by comparison, taking up about half the surface area as a traditional workstation. People can spread out much more easily with a group of computer stands, and if someone needs to pass by a coworker at their cart, they’ll have more room to go around.

They’re Easy to Move

Many computer stands have wheels, making them incredibly easy to roll around the office. Since best practices and work environments are constantly changing while we adjust to the coronavirus situation, it’s smart to have office furniture that can be easily moved and resituated. If an employee feels they’re too close to someone else, they can simply wheel their computer stand farther away.

They’re Height Adjustable

One possible drawback of switching to computer stands is that workers may not want to stay standing up for the entire day. Though standing at work promotes good health, it’s also important to take breaks and sit down when you need to rest. Adjustable height computer stands offer the best of both worlds—they can be easily lowered or raised with a simple lever, making sure your employees can stay comfortable while they’re staying apart.

Until everyone can safely return to their desks and enjoy the workday along with their neighbors, getting a set of computer stands for the office is an excellent way to practice social distancing without letting productivity slide. Get in touch with Modern Office to order computer stands for your building.

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